encouragement side

"...you have left your first love."

- Revelation 2:4

Recently, the Pew Research Center (10/17/2019) revealed that the number of Christians in America had dropped 12% in the last ten years. Why is the church in decline? I believe there could be many reasons, but I would say the loss of a believer's first love, which results in a lack of evangelism, is a major source of church decline. The risen Lord sent a message to the church in Ephesus, which had left its first love, and said, "Remember therefore from where you have fallen..." Do you remember when, at salvation, the love of God was shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit? Do you remember how you responded to His love and loved Him because He took away your sin, opened your eyes to the Scripture, and gave you hope and peace? Do you remember, just being saved, how you wanted to tell others about Jesus? Is it still true of you today? The Lord instructed the Ephesians to remember, repent, and resume. If you have left your first love, you need to get back to what it was in the beginning. Just this month, we saw ten Native Americans come to Christ. That is real church growth! The Lord is still saving. Be a part of it. Show your love for the Lord by proclaiming Him. Be encouraged!

Scripture References: Revelation 2:4; Revelation 2:5; Romans 5:5