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Official Press Release

A NEW Automated Trading Feature to be Added to the RagingFX Arsenal


Trade Forex in your Spare Time!

Hi Everyone...

After writing over 60+ Newsletter Updates over the past 4 and half years, we decided it was time for a makeover. FYI: We send out a Newsletter periodically to keep our subscribers and Distribution List members abreast of our progress. We hope you like our new look. It also comes with a few more fun and useful features that will allow us to continue to scale globally.

As expected, we have been working diligently on developing new changes to our algorithm and subscription service. Beginning today with this newsletter, you can expect more positive changes to emerge. We'll start with our long awaited new Optimal Trade Size Ratio feature that has been in beta for the past nine months.

Optimal Trade Size Ratio Feature
I'm sure many of you are already familiar with the 'Rule#' stamped on the top line of each signal alert, (see blue arrow below). We also highlighted it in many of our LinkedIn posts. Basically, 'Rule# 81-Y' indicates that a subscriber could enter up to 8 lots at the MARKET along with 1 lot at the LIMIT. FYI: The 'Y' is currently on reserve for another feature currently in beta.

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Prior to having this new feature, our subscribers had to manually calculate a viable Trade Size Ratio. Now the algorithm does it automatically for you. It takes into account many more factors in real-time using Machine Learning to predict an optimal recommendation. We believe that the more you choose to use this feature, the more intuitive trading FX will become. Our Online FX course which is included with any 3-month subscription will soon cover further details and examples.

This new feature is yet another step towards offering our subscribers with a streamlined automated signal alert service that any trader, beginner, amateur or expert can easily learn, practice, and commit to memory.

After careful review, we decided to hold off on our previous plans to add FX Futures to our signal subscription service. Instead, we have opted to add 12 more FX pairs from the list of Minors Currency Pairs. This additional signal service will go into beta before October and be available to our subscribers around the New Year, if not sooner.

This new email format includes links to various social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It will make it easier to share news about us with your friends. As always... if you need to reach us, please use this Contact Us link, which is also located on our web site at

Stay safe, sane, and healthy!

Best regards,
The RagingFX Tech Team


Issue Date: September 16, 2020 - Volume 4, Number 67