encouragement side

"And what I say to you I say to all, ‘Be on the alert!’"

-Mark 13:37

The Lord continually warned His followers to be on the alert due to the spiritual dangers of temptation and sin. Living in the comforts of this present time makes it so easy to think all is well. I have even heard people say they no longer struggle with temptation and sin. However, it has also been said, "there is no temptation like being without temptation." Aware of that danger, John Newton wrote, "…it is better to suffer from Satan's fiery darts than to be lulled asleep and drawn into a careless security by his more subtle, though less perceptible devices. Thus, one grows indifferent to the means of grace and sinks into a worldly spirit, or like the church of Laodicea, imagines himself rich, and increased in goods, and in need of nothing.” In reality, it is because of temptation and sin we are in need of God’s grace every day. Thanks be to God that He is always there to provide it. Be on the alert! Be encouraged!

References: Mark 13:37; John Newton, “Letter XVII”, Frontline, September/October, 2009