Our 7th Bass-N-Fly champion! One of the teams blasting off on May 18th will be crowned Bass-N-Fly 2017 champion on May 19th, 2017; our 7th Bass-N-Fly

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Our 7th Bass-N-Fly champion!

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Thanks all around!

One of the teams blasting off on May 18th will be crowned Bass-N-Fly 2017 champion on May 19th, 2017; our 7th Bass-N-Fly Champion. Will it be team Pultz/Pultz, the 2016 champs? Or maybe it'll be the eager beavers, team Park/Westra, who were the first team to sign up for the tournament and blasting off first? The two time champs ('09, '13)/two time runner ups Baisdon/Owens team claims to be coming back! And, the Merin brothers ('10), the Potter/Sterni ('08) team and team Gregg Holland et al. ('12) are 'all-in' literally and figuratively. There's nothing stopping you from being crowned either!

We are excited to see this tournament launch since we've been working hard to make 2017 the best ever. We arranged to launch out of the Sugar Barge RV Resort & Marina, which sits squarely in the middle of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and which has a plethora of resources a-la room and board type things. Limited alternative sleeping accomodations are available; if your interested check in with us.

Industry and our other Bass-N-Fly sponsors are coming in big again this year in hopes of making the event as memorable as an all expenses paid trip fishing for Arapaima in Guyana would be. It just so happens that the participant who hands over a black bass that tips the scale over 11 lb. 10 oz. will be treated to that special South American adventure. Could happen!

-If you haven't done so yet, please submit your registration and pay your fees; or visa versa.
-If you paid, but haven't submitted your registration, please do so. And, visa versa!
-If you're an out of towner or just want a nearby place to stay, check in with Sugar Barge (800)799-4100.
-If you'd rather stay in a bed, in a house on Piper Slough, let me know as there may be a few more beds available.
-If you're a boater interested in getting partnered with a ringer, then let us know since there are quite a few that have thrown their name in the hat.

Tournament Details

When: Thursday and Friday, May 18th -19th, 2017
6am Blast-off
2pm Weigh-in
Where: California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, Sugar Barge RV Resort & Marina
What: Fly fishing only tournament for black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted) and family fun filled afternoons.
Who: You! And, Costa del Mar, Co-directors Captain Noel de Guzman and Captain Maury Hatch.

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