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Inspiration and 2021 Success Tips
Founder's Month Savings
Ask Audrey - Get Answers to Your Questions
Welcome New Clients
Marketing Tool Box

A Word of Inspiration and HAPPY NEW YEAR

_Before we start, we acknowledge all those who lost their lives to COVID-19 and by police violence. Our prayers are with their family members and friends. To all those who caught the virus and are recovering or have recovered, including my own family members. A special thank you to our front line workers in healthcare, law enforcement, fire, EMT's and essential workers in grocery, education, sanitation, fuel, postal and government.

Welcome back Beauty and Barber industry. Thank you to the landlords who gave grace to their tenants (residential and commercial). It has not been easy the past ~10 months.

This year, like every new year opens with hope and promise of success in all areas of our lives. Are you punch-struck by 2020, or are you facing 2021 with even more zeal and positivity?

If you lost your business or job because of the pandemic, my heart goes out to you. How can we help you pivot to a new industry or a different way of doing what you know? #KnowledgeExpert

Are your sleeves rolled up and your boot straps positioned to be pulled?

If you are like me, and perhaps others, you actually started your 2021 in December 2020:

Reviewed former goals and accomplishments
Reviewed and updated your product or service offerings
* Completed some sells forecasting with your team, alone or with a consultant.

Perhaps you did some content updates. We redesigned our logo and are currently redesigning our website. Did you notice? :-)

While the pandemic had devastating effects on the economy, all was not lost. Some of us were able to keep working or pivot into other areas, expand other current offerings, learn Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Somehow I ended up being the Zoom expert- though it was just as new to me as it was to those I helped. I can only think my tech reputation preceded me. So, I had to get up to speed on it, and fast. If you can mow grass, surely you can chop down trees. Right? I count it a challenge well worth the effort.

So, I challenge you to complete this sentence: This year I will ____________.

I encourage you not to do it alone. My nieces and I worked together on goal setting, personal character and desires. It has been very helpful and enlightening. They are near the age I was when I started this journey. Now I am, let's just say, older than their moms.

Happy New Year,

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Our Founder's Month Savings

January is the birth month of the founder - Audrey Wiggins. While we cannot have an event, we are still celebrating!

For YOU the party goes on with the continuation of holiday pricing on IT products at Altogether Domains.

Things like web security, hosting plans, website builders, managed Wordpress, branded email, and email marketing (like this newsletter is designed with).

We are also offering 20% off graphic and web design services.

Don't delay, the savings are only good through January 31, 2021!

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Ask Audrey, Your Marketing Expert

Have a burning question? Paralyzed on pricing or naming a program? Or, just need some quick advice? Ask Audrey. For only $5/minute (minimum 5 minutes per session) you can glean from her 30+ years experience. She'll meet you on Zoom. Click to Reserve time to Ask Audrey!


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