Jim's Wisdom Volume # 13 November 23, 2020 Looks like the time is coming when we can once again reestablish decency, integrity, and trust in our wo

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Jim's Wisdom

Volume # 13

November 23, 2020


Looks like the time is coming when we can once again reestablish decency, integrity, and trust in our working lives and in our family and private lives as well. I’m recommending three excellent resources to help that process start or to move it along in your life and in the things you do in your life. Two of the three are already famous, the third is new, we released it this year and we hope it will enjoy success because it will bring you success as well.

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Let me know how it turns out and what works for you. I’ll pass along your ideas.


James E. Lukaszewski
ABC, Fellow IABC; APR, Fellow PRSA; BEPS Emeritus
America's Crisis Guru®
President, The Lukaszewski Group
203-948-7029 | jel@e911.com


How to Win Friends and Influence People

by Dale Carnegie


You can go after the job you want—and get it!

You can take the job you have—and improve it!

You can take any situation—and make it work for you!

Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. One of the most groundbreaking and timeless bestsellers of all time, How to Win Friends & Influence People will teach you:

Six ways to make people like you
Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking
Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment

And much more! Achieve your maximum potential—a must-read for the twenty-first century with more than 15 million copies sold!


The Power of Positive Thinking

by Norman Vincent Peale


An international bestseller with over five million copies in print, The Power of Positive Thinking has helped men and women around the world to achieve fulfillment in their lives through Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s powerful message of faith and inspiration.

In this phenomenal bestseller, “written with the sole objective of helping the reader achieve a happy, satisfying, and worthwhile life,” Dr. Peale demonstrates the power of faith in action. With the practical techniques outlined in this book, you can energize your life—and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes.
You’ll learn how to:

Believe in yourself and in everything you do
Build new power and determination
Develop the power to reach your goals
Break the worry habit and achieve a relaxed life
Improve your personal and professional relationships
Assume control over your circumstances
Be kind to yourself


The Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust

by Steve Harrison and James E. Lukaszewski


The essential guide to creating an honest, ethical workplace culture in any industry, organization, and even at home.

Steve Harrison’s book, The Manager’s Book of Decencies, showed how even the smallest gestures can produce big results and change the culture of an entire workforce. Now Jim Lukaszewski, America’s Crisis Guru® and Steve Harrison have teamed up to write the definitive guide to transforming or restoring your workplace into a showplace of honest, ethical behavior.

Here’s a recent review that says it all:

A Business Book Yes, But Also A Book For A Better Life

“I just finished reading The Decency Code, The Leaders Path To Building Trust And Integrity. To my pleasant surprise the book is both a useful business guide to one of the most troublesome issues of our time, rebuilding decency, civility, and trust and humility, honor and truth back in to our businesses and also into our personal lives.

“While I realize The Decency Code’s target is leadership in corporate and organizational settings, I found the stories and crisp checklists extremely valuable on a personal basis. It may be that I alone cannot fix the existing decency deficit and the loss of institutional trust in our society. These two authors clearly teach and provide important tools and techniques that I can use to better control my interactions with every individual I encounter, including friends and family.

“I can personally inspire them through what co-author Steve Harrison calls and repeatedly illustrates, “Small Decencies” and his decencies, "Wall of fame” on page 81, and co-author Jim Lukaszewski’s, "Civility and Decency Manifesto” a specific series of actions that help avoid crossing the line to incivility and indecency on page 79. I am inspired to give up opinion sharing and focus on acts of decency, civility, and trust, integrity, empathy and sincerity that I would like to see replicated in business and in life. Every page in this book seems to provide useful clues and concrete help.” -Virginia J. McCain, St. Paul, MN, 11/20/20