Vol VIII, Issue 22                            The Award Weekly                            01 June 2016 60th anniversary film 2016 marks the 60th ann


Vol VIII, Issue 22                            The Award Weekly                            01 June 2016

60th anniversary film

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2016 marks the 60th anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the UK by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Over the last 60 years, the Award has transformed the lives of millions of young people in more than 140 countries and territories, equipping them for life. By celebrating this exciting milestone, we want to encourage millions of youth to get involved, either by doing the Award or by becoming an adult volunteer.

We are excited to say that The 60 films to celebrate 60 years of the Award have been launched on Tuesday, the 31st of May 2016. The 60 films project and all the films are now available to view at www.intaward.org/awardat60. We are happy to announce that the five participants from India, Adrija, Ishita, Pallavi, Ranjana and Vivek have been showcased in this project. Our congratulations to all our Award Participants.

To know more updates, keep an eye on our social media for exciting announcements and follow #awardat60.

My Award Journey


Makesh Srinviasan, Bronze Level participant from Hiranandani Upscale School, Kelambakkam shares his Award Journey experience with us in his words.

IAYP has helped me to grow from an ordinary person to someone who is respected, given importance and now seen in the world from a different perspective. The Award Programme brought many things into my schedule that helped me to improve myself in myriad ways. It shaped me not only to take up more responsibilities and challenges but also to handle them and be a citizen that a nation would be proud of. This journal records details of my experience in this course starting from July 2015 until today.

As an IAYP participant, responsibilities were assigned to me by the school for the first couple of months. I was part of an adventurous trip to a hill station called Coorg. It was a three day fun-filled trip where adventurous activities were organised like zip lining, trekking, river rafting and swimming in the cold river. My main focus was to learn how to be independent, gain experience and provide valuable support to my companions. To move out of my comfort zone and challenge my own learning, fears and skills was the outcome of this adventure section.

Next, in the service section of the Award, during the weekends, my friends and I provided education and basic computer knowledge to kids from the orphanage. We conducted regular and scheduled classes for them. Although during some weekends it wasn't possible for them to attend classes due to transportation trouble, national holidays, floods and rains, nevertheless, we managed to reschedule their classes on the availability of our time periods. Moreover, apart from teaching, I also worked for rescue and relief missions during the floods times in Chennai. Every day was very critical, and I used to spent many hours in preparing food, collecting clothes and gathering necessary items from shops. Eventually, we grew into a big association involving more than 50 members from our society. Together, we were able to help hundreds of poor families and kids. We provided food packages, medicines, water bottles, clothes and other necessary items, to about 1000 people in more than 5 different areas. Besides these, I had also been involved in taking photographs (for which I was given the responsibility) for an event that took place in my community. Compassion, communication and connect with the community were the cherished gifts that I saved from this section of the Award journey.

My physical activity involved playing football. Being my favourite sport, I made good progress in it. I practiced regularly for about 2 to 3 hours on the ground and about 1 hour indoors to workout. During exams and flood time I was unable to play regularly. But apart from that, I was a very regular student and had shown progressive improvements in this sport. It is a sport that once broke my nose but still, I love playing football.

In skills Section, my interests were mainly focused on playing instruments such as violin and piano, and I chose piano. From July till today, I have been practicing piano lessons regularly and with great interest. Although, due to some reasons my teacher couldn't continue, but I kept on practicing my lessons at home for about an hour or two almost every day. Eventually I found a new teacher but he insisted on starting the lessons from the basics. But even then, I did not feel discouraged. I love piano today as much as I loved it on my first day! Thanks IAYP for making me what I am today! Click here for more pictures

Gold Award Ceremony 2016 - July 14th


Achieving a Gold Award is one of the biggest mile stones of your life. It shows that you have the ability, focus and determination to achieve your set goals and pursue them with passion and perseverance. It shows that you have done your share to achieve all-round development and at the same time are open to learn from what the future has to offer. Therefore, it is imperative that you celebrate your this achievement with others and The Gold Award Ceremony is designed to celebrate this achievement of yours.

We are happy to announce that Mr. Abbas Ali Baig, former Indian Cricketer, has consented to grace the occasion as Chief Guest and present the Gold Awards to all the successful participants at the Annual Gold Award Ceremony on July 14, 2016 at India International Centre, New Delhi.

We cordially invite you to join this celebration and soon you would receive an invite to GAC 2016. It goes without saying that your presence will make this event memorable and successful.

Please note that the last date for Record Book submission is 5th June 2016.

IAYP and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

A large number of schools across the country are running the Award Programme, The International Award for Young People, India. These schools are affiliated with different State and Central Boards. The CBSE board has recently advised that First-aid learning be an integral part of the CCE curriculum.

This is to advise that:
Of the four mandatory sections, the First-Aid learning can be done under the Skills Section. The knowledge will help the participants in completing one or more sections of the Award during their Award journey.

As the Award concept is one of individual challenge, giving young people a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to the community are all what they learn. For more details on the programme, please get in touch with Programme Team or write to programme@dofe.in. A copy of the circular can be download from here

Opportunities for Gold Award Holders and Participants

The National Award Authority is keen to involve Gold Award Holders and Participants in reaching out to schools and institutions across the country. Award alumni all over the world are involved in strategic planning and development of the Award in their own communities. Important events like the International Gold Event take place once every three years to bring international alumni together and share best practices. Click for more details

Gold Award Holder's Database of The International Award for Young People, India

The NAA is working towards building an Alumni database to provide various opportunities for Award Units, YES Centres and Award Holders. This will help us get in touch with potential candidates for international events and reach out to young people regarding the volunteering and internship opportunities available at the NAA from time to time. A Gold Award Completion Form has been developed that needs to be filled in by Award participants before ... Click for more details

Youth Engaging Society (YES)

YES Centres in India are strategic allies in promoting the all-inclusive growth of The Award. Click for updated list

Note: Annual Licence fees for YES Centres has been revised to Rs. 11500/- (Rs. Eleven Thousand Five Hundred only) inclusive of Service Tax.

Explore Spiti, be a part of Solar Conservation Project 2016 - Registrations Closed

Residential Project and Adventurous Journey for Gold Participants, 10th - 25th June, 2016, Spiti, Northern Himalayas, India

Events in Focus - Contact the Programme Team for details

1st June 2016: National Director's visit to ABB India Limited, Environment & Sustainability Affairs, Bangalore.
8th - 14th June 2016: Gold and Silver Level Adventurous Journey Camp under Gender Diversity & Empowerment Project organised by Institute of Climbers and Nature Lover (ICNL) at Singalila Range, Himalaya, Darjeeling Dist. West Bengal.
10th - 25th June 2016: Sixth Solar Conservation Project 2016 - Residential Project and Adventurous Journey for Gold Participants at Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. Registration Closed
17th June 2016: Award orientation for students at Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital
18th June 2016: Award orientation for students at The Ashok Hall Girls' Residential School, Ranikhet and G.D. Birla Memorial School, Ranikhet
24th - 25th June 2016: Award Leader Training (YES) Workshop at Christ Church School, Mumbai
14th July 2016: Annual Gold Award Ceremony 2016 at India International Centre, New Delhi. Last date for submission - 5th June 2016

Partners / Operators Update

The aim of partnering is to harness the potential and to encourage young people to grow from their own strengths. Individuals and organisations are welcome to partner with the Award Programme Foundation, and help develop the Programme. Click to visit the Partners page

National Award Office News

The National Award Office at Shahpur Jat has a fully equipped Training Centre and an equipped facility with complete infrastructure for staff members, interns and volunteers. Friends and alumni of the Award are welcome to drop by to know more or get involved.

Updated phone numbers
National Award Authority Office in Delhi
Phone: +91 11 4108 7062 and Telefax: +91 11 26497164

Programme Manager - Bivujit Mukhoty
Mob: +91 9310133900, email: programme@dofe.in / bivujit@dofe.in

Head IT & ORB - Priyank Kumar Gupta
Mob: +91 9719408779, email: priyank@dofe.in

Communications Manager
Tel.: +91 11 26497164, email: communication@dofe.in

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