encouragement side

“Forever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in heaven.”

- Psalm 119:89

As of late March, you can no longer purchase a Bible, in China, from any of the major online retailers such as Amazon.cn. Chinese Christians speculate that Bible apps are next, making it hard to get a copy of the Bible. The Chinese Communist Party released a statement claiming authority over religion to keep Western religions, like Christianity, limited in their influence in China. President Xi Jinping insists on the syncretism of Christianity into a belief system that aligns itself with the core values of socialism. In other words, Christianity in China would have to become compatible with the traditional religions. Actually, the syncretism of the world religions is taking place right here in America without the coercion of the government but because of the liberal mindset and the pressure of political correctness. This can be expected in the secular world but how sad, yet prophetic to see it take place in the church. Governments may try to banish it and churches may abandon it, but the eternal Word of God is here to stay. In the words of the psalmist,… “Thou has founded them forever.” Be encouraged!

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