encouragement side

“...the passing pleasures of sin.”

- Hebrews 11:25

Beginning in 2016, teens and 20-somethings have accepted an internet challenge to stay overnight in stores such as Walmart, IKEA and McDonalds, whether they are open or not. A YouTube search for 24-hour overnight challenges turned up 1.6 million results. The Wall Street Journal reported that, “After the initial thrill of escaping detection… a closer examination of the phenomenon reveals something thrill seekers did not expect – spending extreme periods inside an empty chain store “showed it is not all that much fun for teens.” One said, “It was very uncomfortable” and another said, “It was one of the worst experiences of my life.” And so it is with the passing pleasure of sin. Adam and Eve could not resist the enticement of the Serpent. However, the thrill quickly passed and for the first time they were uncomfortable with God. It was the worst experience of their lives. But thanks be to God that the Lord Jesus Christ is the answer to the passing pleasure of sin. By placing our faith in Him we gain the everlasting pleasure of knowing Him. Be encouraged!

References: Hebrews 11:25; The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, April 4, 2016 p. A1, A8