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"Please pray to the Lord our God on our behalf."

- Jeremiah 37:3

Recently, I received a letter from a friend and believer who lives with his family in remote Siberia. Like many rural Siberians, they live off the land with a few cattle, gardening, hunting and fishing. Their small house church of a few families is now in violation of current Russian law, but he writes, “There is always something to be grateful for.” He states “we are not losing heart, we are cheerful, saved and on the way to the Creator.” At the same time he shares that they have “spiritual needs”. Therefore, he requests that our church would “Serve us with prayer”. I appreciate his attitude because it is so easy to live independently whether isolated in Siberia or living among the multitudes in the States. When the Lord faced the agony of the cross, He sought the prayers of His disciples. When Peter and later Paul were in prison, they needed the prayers of the church. We may not face the same circumstances but we should not be so independent that we are unwilling to express our spiritual need. Give thanks to the Lord that in our spiritual needs, inwardly, He has given us the Holy Spirit to comfort us and outwardly, He has given us our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray on our behalf. Be encouraged!

References: Jeremiah 37:3