encouragement side

“Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

-Acts 16:9

The Lord called Paul to Macedonia through a vision, but why did they need help? The homeland of the Greek Empire seemed to have everything. They led the world in architecture, art and philosophy and had impressed the world religiously with a god for every facet of life. But Paul rightfully concluded the help they needed was the gospel. Here in America, we have all the comforts of life. We have everything the creative mind, science and technology have afforded us. Nearly every religion in the world has a presence here. But America, like Macedonia of old, needs help. We complain about what is happening here in our homeland, but unless we introduce people to the saving grace of Christ through a clear presentation of the gospel with boldness and great conviction, they are without the power to change. Will you help? After all, you are not alone in this. In the words of Hudson Taylor, "It is His work, not mine nor yours, and yet it is ours not because we are engaged in it, but because we are His and one with Him whose work it is." Be encouraged!

References: Acts 16:9; Acts 16:10