encouragement side

"...who gave Himself for us..."

-Titus 2: 14

At the beginning of the year, all seemed to be going well here in America, but then, the outbreak of the flu followed by the coronavirus. Fear and anxiety set in, the stock market crashed, and with it everyone’s 401K. A Russian - Saudi conflict sent oil prices to the bottom of the barrel. We are told to stockpile everything from toilet paper to vitamin D3. Wash your hands, do not shake hands, avoid cruises and crowds, especially if you are a senior citizen. All of the above sounds like a daily report on the national news. In any crisis, there is always a need for preparation and precaution lest we presume upon God, who has provided for us the means to do so. However, let us not let the current calamity cause us to sin. We are commanded in Scripture to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, to be anxious for nothing, and cast all our cares upon Jesus, our Savior. And why not? In giving Himself for us, He defeated the greatest danger and threat we have ever had – sin, the devil and death. Because He gave himself for us, there is not one thing going on in the world today or in the future that can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord! Be encouraged!

References: Titus 2: 14; Selected Scripture