encouragement side

"...You would not believe if you were told."

-Habakkuk 1:5

When we look at our nation today, it is easy to have a troubled heart and wonder what God is doing. When Habakkuk looked upon Judah, he saw iniquity, violence, wickedness, strife and contention. He felt the Lord was not answering his prayers. The Lord’s response was, “Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days ---- you would not believe if you were told.” Perhaps you feel God is not answering your prayers when it comes to America. Is He not there? Has His purpose been thwarted? Is He idle upon His throne? Habakkuk had to learn that "the righteous will live by faith.” Billy Graham once preached, “If God told us today what He is doing, we wouldn't believe it … I don't put my trust in Washington. I don't put my trust in the United Nations. I don't put my trust in myself. I don't put my trust in my money. I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. When all else fails, crumbles and shatters, He will be there.” Do you have a troubled heart over what is going on in America or in the world? The Psalmist wrote, “He rules over the nations.” Why are you troubled about what God is sovereign over? Jesus made it clear and simple, “Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me.” We cannot know all that God is doing, but we can trust Him. Be encouraged!

References: Habakkuk 1:5; Habakkuk 2:4; Psalm 22:28; John 14:1