Wednesday Wisdom # 10 October 7, 2020 Eliminating Bad News Begins With: Control Your Own Destiny, or Someone Else Will.Start Eradicating Your Bad

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Wednesday Wisdom  10 Eradicate Bad News
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Wednesday Wisdom # 10

October 7, 2020


Eliminating Bad News Begins With:

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Control Your Own Destiny, or Someone Else Will.

Start Eradicating Your Bad News Today and Every Day.

It’s Up to You.

Copyright © 2020, James E. Lukaszewski. All rights reserved.

The Bad News Eradicator is designed to help eliminate defensive words and negative phrases from your speech and writing. Keep this document next your telephone. Take it with you when you travel. Collect your own set of habitual negative phrases and words. List them on the sheet, then create their positive equivalent and get a whole new life. The goal is to create a positive phrase that has the same or fewer words than the negative phrase or simply stop using negative language, words, phrases, and images.

How the Bad News Eradicator Can Help You

The nature of this discipline, because that’s what it is, is to constantly and relentlessly translate and transform the energy of negative language into the power of positive speech or writing. Whenever you have a moment, simply work through the list and develop equivalent positive phrases for each negative phrase. There are many ways to accomplish this; sometimes a negative phrase has a half dozen or more positive equivalent options. The goal is to eradicate the negativity and gain a whole new power over your life, while helping everyone else have better lives.

Bad News Eradicator: Volume #1

Half of the negatives below have been translated. Keep in mind that there are at least four positive, alternative ways to say what the negative examples fail to say. Please feel free to send Jim Lukaszewski your translations for the remaining examples. He would love to comment and share additional versions. The blank lines are there for you to replace and begin collecting your own positive translations. Feel free to send those you are having difficulty translating to Jim Lukaszewski who will respond immediately with positive alternatives to be considered.

Email questions, observations, examples to, subject line “Bad News Eradicator Questions”.

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