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Business has been operating since May during the pandemic. How are you surviving or are you thriving? We have been involved in a plethora of virtual meetings and events. At first it was overwhelming, now it is par for the course. Businesses of all types are taking advantage of this not so new phenomenon. Have you integrated this technology in your Salon business? We'll talk more about in our fall issue. Right now, get outside and take advantage of these wonderful summer days. Soon, we Ohioans will be envious of our fellow professionals in Nevada when the temps begin to plummet.

Integrating Digital Media into Your Beauty Business Part 2

Why Social Media

First some statistics. “Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 42% of the current population.” (Emarsys, 2019) Mar 7, 2019) In September 2019 there were 7.7 billion people in the world. It is safe to say your clients and prospects are in that number. So, social media gives you a place to connect to your current and potential clients. It is a place to build relationships.

To be found on social media you will need a name. Most of you are probably already have a personal social presence but fewer have a business page. Let’s pretend for the moment that you do not. Since we are looking at this from a business perspective you will want to create a business social name or handle. As a professional it is important that you use your own name for your personal accounts as they will be easier to find and connect with. Save the savvy language and handles for your descriptions and tag-lines. For the business pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., that will bear your business name, reserve them as soon as possible, as domain names. You’d be surprised how people and businesses carry your same name. You may need to make variances by including initials. Try not to abbreviate too much. Your name should be recognizable and easy to remember just like your website address. If possible. Make them all the same.

Once you have your name it is now time to choose your image. For your personal channels you should use your current face, not your cat, dog or logo for your business. For your business, if you are the face of your business use that in conjunction with your logo. If you are a business entity you need to brand that image with your logo.

Now that you have your name and image, you now need to create your profile. Think about your description and how you can use it on all your channels. Some will only allow a certain amount of words or characters, so be concise and consistent in your descriptions of what you offer and how you want to differentiate yourself from the other thousands of stylists, estheticians or nail technicians in the area.

Finally, on most platforms, you get a huge cover image area in which to create your own digital billboard. Use it to show off your business or practice. Make it splash, but not too busy, that we can’t focus. Again, consistency is key for branding. Each platform has its own requirements for image or video dimensions and file size. We like to refer to this area as digital real estate.

Once you have your accounts setup it is now time to engage and gain followers or likes. Invite your clients to connect with you. You should also search from them and follow or send them a friend request. The key is to develop a targeting following to be able to share tips, ideas, promotions and your events. Adding value instead of pouncing your products and services is the desired way to engage friends and followers. No one wants to be sold and pitched all the time. It is the quickest way to lose followers. Start asking questions and be sure to reply to any questions when asked. Intentionally post or comment or retweet your followers and friends. Remember you are building relationships.

Try these programs to automate the process of creating and posting content to your channels. They include Hootsuite, Buffer, Pablo, Canva, Easel.ly, Piktochart, and Ripl, to name a few.

If you need any assistance with managing your social accounts, just give us shout! We can help.

Blessings of Health, Happiness and Prosperity,

Audrey Wiggins
Founder & Course Developer

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Veronica Leigh

Introducing Veronica Leigh

She is a licensed cosmetologist and has worked in the field for approximately 6 years as an independent contractor and commissioned stylist.
In March, when Salons closed due to COVID-19, "I ran to Michaels, grabbed a few canvases and some paint. I got back into painting as a hobby to pass the time as we underwent the stay-at-home orders, here in Ohio," said Leigh.

Having a daughter who was strictly vegetarian at the time and COVID-19 and the quarantine setting in, Veronica started looking around at the foods they were eating, the products they were using. She started looking at the ingredients wondering what some of them were.

She took it further...think Lifestyle

"Did you know that most deodorant has aluminum in it? ALUMINUM! For what reason? I then went on a mission to find aluminum free deodorant that works. In the process I worried what was in our body wash and lotion. So I set out to make my own body wash, body scrub and body butter. I told Family and Friends what I was doing and gave them products to try," Veronica said. The rest, as they say, was history. Everyone raved about how good their skin felt after using her products. As reviews started to spread through her friends and family, Veronica had to start making small batches of soap, scrub and body butter. She said, "I began to think that these are products that all black women and families should consider using so, I wanted to create a product for 'US' that was nourishing, moisturizing, and use high quality pronounceable ingredients. I’m not looking to just make sales, I’m looking to build a community. I’m looking to uplift, encourage and help women like myself use healthier products for their families."

Once the salons re- opened, she was laid off. With that shocking news, Veronica decided to turn her "hobbies" into a small business.

She was able to turn Lemons into Lemonade. "A new course for my life!
Hobbies turned into passions," stated Veronica excitedly. We're very proud of Veronica. Did we mention that she is our founder's niece? We love you Veronica aka Ronnie!

Learn more at www.LoveLeighKo.com

Follow her on Instagram @loveleighko for handmade body butter, body scrubs and whipped body butter.

Follow her abstract art page @loveleighko_art
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