"How great is Thy goodness."

-Psalm 31:19

Having spent my first 40 years living near Kansas City, I found myself thinking after the Super Bowl, life is good! Chiefs, wings, and Dr. Pepper. But the next day, I came back to the reality of what is really good: Christ, the bread of life, and living water. In Christ, we have won the victory over sin, Satan, and death. Not a once-a-year event but for all eternity. Not by the strong arm of a great quarterback but in the words of Scripture, "By His right hand and by His strong arm… Thy mighty arm." Jesus said, "I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst." At the Super Bowl, the cost of food and drink was extravagant, like the cost of the tickets for the game, but the bread of life and living water is ours "without cost.” One is a temporary fullness, the other, “filled up to all the fullness of God.” Christ, the bread of life and living water: “How great is Thy goodness.” Be encouraged!

Scripture References: Psalm 31:19; Psalm 89:10; Isaiah 62:8; John 6:35; Revelation 22:17; Ephesians 3:19