Hello everyone, Happy Holidays. Many of you know Barbara my wife of 55 years. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, I placed her in a memory care facil

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Hello everyone,

Happy Holidays.

Many of you know Barbara my wife of 55 years. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, I placed her in a memory care facility in Edina Minnesota, near our home. She had an accident there a week later fracturing her right hip which was replaced. She is a trooper though, and her recovery from the fall is proceeding well. Her Alzheimers though is relentless. She ran all our businesses from 1978-86 here in the Twin Cities. Then continued through 2010 when we moved to New York. She officially retired in 2010 and we returned to Minneapolis in 2011. So, this is a new kind of Christmas for us.

If you would like to send Barbara a message or follow her progress  go to

Still we have had a wonderful, in many ways, magical life together. This is us.....

Lukaszewski Revised

December’s newsletter takes us back a little bit to articles that gathered reader reaction. As always, what I am always interested first from things that I write is, “What was the most important thing you learned?”


Taking A Look Back....Best of the Best Articles of 2018

August 2018: Leadership Crisis Responses Failure Behaviors
The Pathology of Leadership Error in Crisis

1. Surprise: Stems from the U.S. management culture developed over the last 40 years which stresses the invincibility of managers and leaders based on extensive monitoring and data collection to the exclusion of many traditional (historic?) management beliefs, actions, concerns and functions. Today’s prevailing attitude is that smart managers are unlikely to suffer a crisis.

January 2018: Quiz # 1: How Influential Are You?
10 tough questions that will reveal your current level of influence

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 6.22.11 PM

Are you a trusted strategic advisor? What is your level of influence?

1). Are you getting called earlier (first?)

2). Are you invited to key meetings before things go in the ditch? And other key decisions?

3). Do people remember what you say and perhaps quote you in other places and venues?

July 2018: Lukaszewski’s Civility Maneifesto


The true test of civility is a commitment to verbal and written communication that are predominantly positive and declarative and behaviors that are simple, sensitive, sensible, constructive, positive, helpful, empathetic and benefit the recipient out of proportion positively to the sender.

There are so many pathways to civility, decency, and integrity, pick as many as you can....


A Manifesto* for Getting to The Truth


These are personal mandates that drive you relentlessly backward, forward and to focus on the truth. So many voices from so many directions clouds the truth. So many lies, repeated, even by the media, so often the perpetrators, prognosticators, bloviators, bellyachers and backbench complainers forget the truth.

*an individual public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives (Dictionary.com)


“Jim… wanted to drop you a note to let you know I’m thinking of you and Barbara. You were the first person to reach out to congratulate me when I was named to the College of Fellows, and I’ll never forget that. And, without a doubt, getting to listen to and learn from you has been the best part of my joining BEPS this year. Please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to be of service.”

-A friend and colleague of many years