Message from Chairman Gloria “Lee” Snover

County Council Day of Action

Glenn Geissinger, Peg Ferraro, Hayden Phillips

Day of Action

Committee Members and Voters of Northampton County,

I am highly impressed with the kick off of our County elections for 2017.

This week four of our County Council candidates volunteered at Republican Headquarters to prepare literature bags for our door to door program.

Then Saturday Hayden Phillips, Glenn Geissinger and Seth Vaughn joined volunteers for a day of door to door.

Great Start to our victory in November.

Gloria Lee Snover

Reminder: Blue Valley Farm Show this week

The Blue Valley Farm Show is this week. The NCRC and Slate Belt Republican Association have staffed a booth in the exhibition hall for many years. Hundreds of people stop by the booth each year with questions, to register to vote, and learn more about the candidates.

So please visit the Farm Show and the booth and enjoy a bag of popcorn and conversation with the dedicated volunteers who staff the booth. Who knows, you may want to volunteer for an hour or two too!!