encouragement side

"...rejoicing that they had been considered worthy to suffer shame for His name..."

- Acts 5:41

Many in the church today appear to be happy when their felt needs are met, things are going their way and they are benefitting from what the world has to offer. This is not a picture of Christianity as set forth in the Scriptures. For the early believers, to live for Christ meant both hardship and joy. Everything was against them. Hardship was their lot. Yet, they were coming together with gladness. D. M. L. Jones preached, “Are we doing this? Are we giving people the impression that because we have the truth of God, and take it as it is, that we are a rejoicing people? This is the greatest challenge that comes to us. We are standing for the truth, we are fighting for the truth, but are we rejoicing? Are we such people as these early Christians were that make people long to have what we’ve got?” How can we show the world that Christ makes all the difference if what makes us happy is the same that makes them happy? We are the children of the living God! We are the ones who are “rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation” because we have been considered worthy to suffer for His name. Be encouraged!

Scripture References: Acts 5:41; D.M.L. Jones, The Fight of Faith; Romans 12:12