▪ Pick as many paths to civility, decency, integrity, and trust as you can, every day.▪ Avoid trouble and misery.▪ Intentionally choosing trouble pr

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Pick as many paths to civility, decency, integrity, and trust as you can, every day.
Avoid trouble and misery.
Intentionally choosing trouble prolongs problems, delays mitigation, stalls resolution, and revictimizes those already injured.

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What I believe

and you know to be true . . .

One: All questionable, inappropriate, unethical, unconscionable, immoral, predatory, improper, victim-producing and criminal behaviors are intentional. All ethical, moral, compassionate, decent, civil and lawful behaviors are also intentional. The choice is always clear and always yours.
Two: Workplaces and homes with integrity, civility, respect and decency are safer and more ethical.
Three: Those who lead with genuine integrity, civility, respect and decency are likely to be more ethical.
Four: Unconscionable intentions, behaviors, actions and decisions:
• that vilify, damage, demean, dismiss, diminish, humiliate
• that cause needless but intentional pain, express anger and irritation, demand or bully
• that are mean, negative, insulting, disrespectful, disparaging
• that are tone deaf, without empathy, that intentionally injure, accuse, overbear
• that are punitive, harmfully restrictive, exceed the boundaries of decency civility and integrity
-- all are unethical.
Five: Apology is the atomic energy of empathy. Apologies tend to stop bad things from starting and start to stop bad things.
Six: Empathy is positive, constructive actions, deeds, and decisions that demonstrate civility, decency and integrity while speaking louder than words possibly can.
Seven: Let more deeds, decisions and action speak for themselves.


What America Needs Now More Than Ever

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The Decency Code provides a fully developed and actionable model for building a decency driven workplace and family culture.

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