encouragement side

"...so we too might walk in the newness of life."

-Romans 6:4

Jesus not only saves us from our sin but sanctifies, or sets us apart, from this present evil age. Early Christians, to the astonishment of their families, friends, and neighbors, lived a strange kind of new life. Their values, morality and their relationships to others changed drastically. As a result, they became the target of those who opposed their faith. Some say the coronavirus is Christianity’s modern-day hardship but not according to biblical standards. We were not targeted or singled out. We were not treated differently from the unsaved. We were free to pray, read our bibles and tell others about Jesus. Even the limitation placed upon corporate worship was not because we are followers of Christ. Some say not meeting corporately has produced discouragement and despair among believers. If so, what would happen if we were really targeted and singled out? It was hardship and persecution that led the early church to turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ. Biblical hardship is the result of a changed life. It is because we do not fit into the values, practices, and pleasures of this present world. And regardless of what hardship that might bring, thanks be to God that He has changed our lives. Be encouraged!

References: Romans 6:4