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"All unrighteousness is sin..."

-1 John 5: 17

We should respect the constitutional right to protest, but if every American participated in such, it would not solve the problem of racial discord or social injustice, or to sum it up, the problem of sin. America is in trouble because of sin. There were no more divided people than the Jews and Gentiles, but Christ through the cross broke down the barrier, placed both groups into one, and established peace. Because on the cross, He did not deal with symptoms but with the root problem of sin. You cannot legislate, educate, buy, work, or protest your way out of sin. Social causes have never eliminated sin. The one and only answer to sin is that “Christ died for our sins.” This great truth has always been foolishness “to those who are perishing," perhaps soon to be intolerable. Even churches have caved to seeking solutions by social means rather than clinging to the sufficiency of Christ. Jesus said, “…for I did not come to call the righteous” - those who think they have a solution to mankind's problems apart from Christ, “but sinners” - those who see their sin and Christ who calls them as the answer to their sin. We may be living in changing and unprecedented times, but Jesus remains God’s gracious gift as the answer to our sin.

Be encouraged!

References: 1 John 5: 17; Selected Scriptures