encouragement side

"...if another shall come in his own name, you will receive him. How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another...?"

- John 5:43, 44

Jesus was warning the Jews and His disciples about how gullible they were to believe those who claimed to be of God, but were not. Those who were, in reality, exalting themselves while claiming to do all in the Lord’s name. Jesus speaks prophetically here, as history bears out, that no less than sixty-four false messiahs appeared, and were more or less accepted, in the first one hundred years following the ascension of Christ. In our day, Christ’s words are still prophetic as those claiming to represent God, but do not, still appear. Ryle writes, “Not all who come to church, nor all who profess to admire and follow popular preachers, are real Christians. This is far too much forgotten.” Every generation is full of people who follow after those who in the name of Christianity, tell them what they want to hear. Jesus Christ, “full of grace and truth” came to tell mankind what they needed to hear - the truth about their lives, their sin and their need to believe in Him. And in Him, they find the grace that saves them from their sin and the grace that will carry them all the way to heaven.
Be encouraged!

Scripture References: John 5:43, 44; John 1:14