July 2020 Edition Introduction Welcome to July, another busy month of programs and webinars on crisis readiness. Interesting and important informat

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July 2020 Edition



Welcome to July, another busy month of programs and webinars on crisis readiness.

Interesting and important information you’ll find in this month’s newsletter:

The most important voice in American public relations today is Helio Fred Garcia, author of Words on Fire: See the review later in this newsletter, order the book.

Free Webinar for PRSA and IABC Chapters: If you belong to IABC or PRSA please encourage your local chapters to contact me about providing important free webinar presentations; each lasts an hour. You’ll find details later in this newsletter.

New Lukaszewski YouTube Video: A first for this newsletter, a virtual presentation I made to the Public Affairs and Government section of PRSA on June 26th, now on my YouTube channel – Incivility and Indecency: The Greatest Pandemic of All. Among the pandemics we’re living through, these civility and decency related topics are the most pervasive and damaging of all.

We need to start paying attention to this much more carefully because of the permanent damage it creates. The Coronavirus is a medical pandemic that will play out in the world over the next couple of years, maybe longer. Indecency and incivility have been happening from the beginning of mankind’s interaction with mankind and is a psychological pandemic which likely touches every human being on the planet, with an especially virulent outbreak in the United States over the last few years. Interesting and important information.

Attention Educators: McGraw-Hill’s offers educators a free eBook review copy of Steve Harrison and my newest book, The Decency Code: the Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust. This book is a systematic look at how to build or rebuild decency, civility, and trust in your organization.


Book Title: The Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust
ISBN: 978-1260455397

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PRSA Public Affairs and Government Section 2020 Virtual Summit Keynote

Indecency and Incivility: The Greatest Pandemic of All

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Special Offer to PRSA and IABC Chapters Across the United States and Canada

Jim Lukaszewski is Offering Four FREE 60-minute Webinars on Critically Important Current Topics

Topic #1: Ethical and Unethical Crisis Management
Topic #2: Crisis Proofing Your Organization (and Your Career)
Topic #3: The Decency Code: Helping Leaders and Managers Rebuild Decency, Civility, and Integrity
Topic #4: How to Become a Number One Number Two in Your Organization and Career

More Topics to come.

Each webinar is sixty minutes, featuring Jim Lukaszewski presenting live. Each program has an interesting slide deck which will be available to participants, as well as a multi-page handout.

You can schedule at your convenience. Contact Jim Lukaszewski at jel@e911.com, subject line: Free Webinar Programs.

Webinar Topics

Topic # 1: Ethical and Unethical Crisis Management

Based on Lukaszewski's forthcoming book, The Pathology of Management and Leadership

What’s in this course for you?

1. Understand the nature of top level decision making, including intentional mistakes by leaders and managers.
2. Understand the behaviors that cause so much disruption during crisis response.
3. Empathy and apology strategies: the two most powerful concepts when victims are created. Fail here and your response fails and your replacement gets crushed. Learn the most crucial crisis response strategy.
4. Nine steps to building and rebuilding trust.
5. Behavior patterns that persistently perpetuate trouble.
6. How unethical behavior begins.
7. The Psychology behind unethical behavior.
8. Communicating intentionally: build your own ethical decision making guide.
9. Anticipate the frequent, often unbelievable excuses leaders and managers make.
10. Overcoming management and leadership objections to doing things now.

Topic #2: Crisis Proofing Your Organization (and Your Career)

Reflecting Jim’s 40+ years in crisis management and sensibly and powerfully talk about the imperative of readiness for adversity, as opposed to crisis management (which irritates bosses)

What’s in this course for you?

1. Learn a far simpler and more powerful definition of crisis situations.
2. Understand the intentional misbehaviors that cause a problem to become a crisis.
3. Jim’s Wisdom: learn the truisms of crisis: bad news always ripens badly, every moment of indecision creates unsees, avoidable collateral damage, silence is the most toxic strategy, and a dozen more.
4. Understand why victims will control the outcome, your reputation, and the boss’ destiny.
5. Unconscionable behaviors to avoid, anticipate, or stop.
6. How to manage the victim dimension of mass casualty situations.
7. Top management and leadership’s most crucial roles in crisis. Crucial crisis response planning and readiness steps.
8. Crisis reputation protection is achieved in the first 60-120 minutes of crisis response. The golden hour concept.
9. Key issue identification and risk assessment.
10. Staying ready.

Topic #3: The Decency Code: Helping Leaders and Managers Rebuild Decency, Civility, and Integrity

Based on Lukaszewski and his co-author Steve Harrison’s new book, The Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust

What’s in this course for you?

1. What decency looks like: The Decency Manifesto
2. The truth about employee engagement.
3. Understanding the power of small decencies.
4. The business case for decency.
5. Issues where decency and integrity count the most; layoffs, reorganizations, surprise job ending changes.
6. How we move from indecency and incivility to the ingredients of decency, accountability, civility, compassion, empathy, honesty, humility, principles, integrity, and trust.
7. Seven crucial reasons why you can’t stay where you are.

Topic #4: How to Become a Number One Number Two in Your Organization and Career

Based on Lukaszewski’s 2009 bestseller, Why Should the Boss Listen to You? The Seven Habits of a Trusted Strategic Advisor.

What’s in this course for you?

1. You want to be more influential, powerful, and more successful. This is the course for you.
2. You feel you deserve to be heard much earlier, more often, and at higher levels.
3. You want your bosses to start listening to you.
4. You want to be called earlier.
5. You want to be in the room when the big decisions are made.
6. You want to know the changes you’ll need to make to your work and life and the personal disciplines necessary to achieve this objective.
7. You want your advice to be memorable and utilized.
8. You want to understand to have more impact, access, and influence.
9. You want to know what eight things management really wants from trusted strategic advisors, especially in urgent situations.


Book Review


*Words on Fire: The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It The crucial new book from Helio Fred Garcia*

My first book review of what I believe is one of the most important communications books ever written: Words on Fire, by Helio Fred Garcia.

Words on Fire is startling, powerful and alarming. Read this review, get the book.

Fred takes on one of the most frightening topics we are beginning to face in our culture and in other cultures: the use of incendiary language as a radicalizing tool in America’s public discourse. I’ve known Fred for more than 35 years and we’ve worked together, collaborated, shared and admired each other’s ideas.

Words on Fire is a very important book.

Words on Fire should be mandatory reading and a guidebook for every journalist, editor, business school, religious leader, and elected official. Important institutions in our society and culture have the affirmative responsibility to stand up and speak out against the users and use of dangerous language.

Words on Fire is the script for speaking out.

Like Rules for Radicals, published 40 years ago but still vital, Words on Fire should become a handbook for a personal and cultural movement to detect, expose, alert and trigger powerful counteraction to confront incendiary language and those who use it whenever and wherever provocativity and provocateurs emerge.

It is also core knowledge for activists, social change agents, and those planning to overthrow dictators, tyrants, and truly bad leaders.

Over the years I have learned and practiced hundreds of lessons and insights from Fred. I hope Words on Fire will draw attention to the help he can provide to our culture, wounded by the intentional incompetence, vilification and vengeance which occurs daily from America’s current leaders.

Decency, civility, and integrity have many enemies these days and like so many examples from the past, we seem to be sitting back and letting cultural disintegration happen.

Fred’s approach, in the simplest of terms, demonstrates the myth we all learned as children: that while sticks and stones may break our bones, words will never hurt us. We learned this at five, found out it was a lie at six when we were publicly humiliated by somebody we didn’t know in the school yard. We learned that broken bones will heal, but that insults, meanness and humiliation, disrespect and shaming, indecency and incivility leave bloodless, invisible and often permanent and irreversible undetectable scars… on our soul.

Fred’s first warning message is powerful yet simple: terminate the senseless supremacist tendencies that if permitted to continue will destroy our democracy. It is time to return our culture and our democracy to their fundamental promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I am really looking forward to that. Thank you, Fred.


Jim's Upcoming Appearances & Virtual Events

Jim Virtual Events

September 9th, 8:00am CDT: PRSA Ethics Month Sexual Harassment Webinar

September 15th, 12:00pm CDT: Institute of Internal Auditors Webinar – The Decency Code

October 15th, 11:00am CDT: IABC Circle of Fellows Podcast – Communication and Workplace Safety

December 8th, 1:00pm CDT: Institute of Internal Auditors Webinar – Crisis Proofing Your Organization


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