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Showing Appreciation The New Way

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Disruptive Innovations Fuel Paradigm Shifts in Business and Life

What's New?

This weeks newsletter is about another one of those "disruptive innovations" supporting Studio902's Value Added Proposition of offering products and services outside the regular scope of website-centric products which we have traditionally offered. This week's Disruptive Innovation is SendOutCards. We'll focus on how you can use it as a strategy of Appreciation Marketing. First here are some facts from the U.S. Small Business Administration which support the practice of engaging in an Appreciation Marketing campaign:
* The main reason businesses lose customers is the perception that staff members don’t care about their customers.
* It costs 6-7x more to find a new customer than it takes to keep an existing one.
* 82% of small business owners say that loyal customers are the key to growth.

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Send a card compliments of us!

What is Appreciation Marketing?

I couldn't have said it better than the author of this article: "Savvy entrepreneurs understand that customer service remains a key factor in the success of their small businesses, even in the digital age. Appreciation Marketing combines elements of excellent customer service with marketing techniques to build strong relationships with consumers. The combination results in better company loyalty, which drives sales for a company, and the customer feeling that the company cares about him as an individual." (AZCentral article "What Is Appreciation Marketing?" by Nicholas Robbins)

Since the number one reason businesses lose customers is the perception that the staff does not care about them, it should be relatively simple to reverse, right? Well, that depends. If your company culture hasn't been all that focused on customer service in the past, that could be easier said than done. The most effective way to retain customers is to make a sustainable effort to "overwhelm them with customer service" (That's an article for another time, but for purposes of this newsletter we'll assume you "have those ducks in a row" already. If you don't, then you'll appreciate the discoveries others have made which can turn that around - and we'll cover them in another article later this quarter.) HOWEVER, regardless of whether the customer experience is fully "fine tuned" for your organization or you're still working on improving in that area, develop a system to be intentional about thanking your clients / customers for their business and their loyalty. Just making that effort can be transformative for your business and The following video testimonials explain it with real world examples.



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If you don't own a business, and the previous video doesn't resonate with you, please take a look at this video - SendOutCards isn't just for Appreciation Marketing for businesses, it's a great tool to enable anyone to become that family member or friend who "never forgets an anniversary, birthday or special event" in others' lives. AND it can save you time and money!
If you've ever stood in front of the greeting card rack at your local grocery, pharmacy or card & gift shop flummoxed because you can't find the "right" card for the occasion you'll totally "get this", It shouldn't be that hard to get a card that "speaks your heart" for your friend or relative! And why on earth does a simple greeting card cost three to six bucks? Watch this video and you'll find a whole new way to knock the socks off everyone you send a greeting card to.

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Every customer who signs up for SendOutCards this month with a "Personal Bundle" package (or above) will receive one hour of one-on-one assistance doing whatever you need to get off to a great start, whether it's creating a Picture Plus card, setting up a campaign, uploading your address book or adding your photo library! We want you to get up and running with SendOutCards quickly, so you can enjoy its many benefits as soon as possible! Join today and spread the kindness!

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Last Week's Newsletter - Corrected

Lastly, we need to finish off with some "housekeeping": Last week's Newsletter accidentally went out with the wrong subject line, so when it arrived in your inboxes a lot of you didn't open it. For those who did open it, THANKS! For those who didn't, we've got the problem fixed and you can go here to view the "Business Solutions" and "Disruptive Innovations" newsletter online.

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