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Which Do You Want First?

The Good News or The Bad News?

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A Disruptive Innovation Changes the Status Quo!

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Continuing the theme of Disruptive Innovations which can positively impact you for the better, this week's Disruptive Innovation comes with the question "Which do you want first? The good news or the bad news?" We've all received a call like that or heard those words spoken to us regarding serious situations in our lives, be it in a medical setting, a legal setting, a business setting or just in life circumstances. Let's explore this weeks innovation along those lines.

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ID Shield - Identity Theft Protection - Password Manager & $5M Service Guarantee

"Your Boat Loan Is Overdue"

"BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE A BOAT!!", you scream at the caller and then the slug to your gut occurs "You do now, Mr. Delaney. The loan was taken out at Sunshine Bank in Bartow, Florida last October and we have yet to receive a payment! We would have called before, but the phone number the applicant gave us was one digit off, so we could not reach you earlier." Your heart sinks. Your head spins. This is a really, really bad day.
The good news is that few of us have ever received a notice like this by phone, but the bad news is that - if your Identity has not already been compromised in the past - you're "living on borrowed time"! Statistically speaking, the likelihood that you will become a victim of identity theft grows greater year after year. Identity theft impacts millions of people each year. Criminals are using a variety of scams & hacks to collect & steal your personal information. Not having protection against this growing threat is kind of like driving your car without insurance.

What's our story?

We have two of them::
1) When Cindy and I owned Halas and Phos, an online Christian Gift, Book, Bible, Apparel and Home Decor webstore, we would sometimes receive orders for large quantities of items to be shipped to various locations which turned out to be fraudulent. We frequently were able to detect telltale signs of the fraud and in many cases alerted the cardholder of the illegal use of their cards, even before their bank did. This was before banks started routinely tracking cardholder's buying patterns and automatically alerting them of any divergence from established norms. Although the breach was against other people, we had only experienced it vicariously through our customers misfortunes. We realized back then that Identity Theft Protection would "be a good idea" but always put off purchasing it for ourselves.
2) In the years since, Cindy and I have been victims of minor breaches, mainly with fraudulent use of our credit cards, and - thankfully - they were intercepted before any serious damage occurred. But once this happened a couple times with no major impact, I figured that "our luck was running out" and realized that eventually our entire world could be shattered in an instant should a more severe ID Theft occur. So we purchased ID Protection from the guys whose ads you have all seen on TV (or heard on the radio) every day (you know who I am talking about) and after a year we found out - much to our dismay - we had been overpaying for that service.
Then a friend told us about something called "ID Shield" and when we realized that we could receive better coverage for a significantly lower cost we were "all in". Now we're telling you about it and hope that you will protect your family before it's too late. The features and benefits are too numerous to go into here, but the links in this article will get you on the road to preventing that "overdue boat loan" call depicted above.


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