The Lord has made known His salvation.”

-Psalm 98:2

This past week, we set up a display of our ministry at the Indian Artifacts Show, which was part of the 58th annual Jim Bowie Days in Bowie, Texas. The artifact vendors were there to sell from their collections, mainly made up of Native American arrowheads. We were there to offer freely the gospel of Jesus Christ. I could identify with most of the vendors because of their age, although they had no involvement with the Native Americans. They talked mainly about the weather, politics, and their retirement. It's hard to identify with retirement when it comes to the gospel. The gospel is eternal, relevant in every situation, and always commanded to be proclaimed. So, how does a believer retire from that? How do you lay aside the passion, the joy, and the urgency of telling a sinner about the Savior? Having been a believer for nearly 60 years now, the only answer I can come up with is that you don't! The gospel is the greatest message given to a sinner and the greatest message to be proclaimed by a Saint. Be encouraged!

Scripture References: Psalm 98:2