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A very BIG WELCOME to all of our new subscribers and distribution list members located all over the world. To keep everyone informed of our ongoing progress, we periodically produce and deliver this monthly newsletter.

We are always excited to show off our latest performance chart. This one compares our accumulated ROI with that of the S&P 500 for the past 3+ years. Despite our accomplishments, what really has our attention today is something very special, ...our beginnings! We've come a long way, since we first started RagingFX, ...October 2014 to be exact. Here's what happened...


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Six years ago this month, the idea of RagingFX first came to us. During the next three years, we focused on design and testing, ...while for the last 3 years, we let our online subscribers critique our work. We also became our own clients, (as well as our biggest critic) and trade our signals regularly.

Today, we are growing without a dedicated sales force. That's because we don't need one. Instead, we decided early on to let our numbers sell for us. That meant no pressure selling. We don't even do followup calls or emails! Imagine that! Our subscribers purchase when they are convinced that what we offer is right for them. ...and, whenever our algo's performance drifts from our expectations, you can bet we are making the needed adjustments. Keep in mind that we are active subscribers too.

Needless to say, we think differently than most in this industry. We also work differently, which has inspired us to constantly look for innovative ways to break new ground, not just in the FX industry but also in the AI and ML design space. It's a personal passion that we all share. Ultimately, our vision is to support a new Modern FX Trader, one who can achieve consistent results trading FX like a pro by learning to intuitively integrate their personal lifestyle with our RagingFX Signal Alert Service and Systematic Trading Process.


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Three NEW Indicators
What has made our algorithm a sustained success has been our ability to design our own in-house indicators. Our indicators differ from traditional ones because they rely less on historic data and more on derivative computations. In our lab, we refer to these indicators as Dynamic Indicators or DI's.

Currently our algo utilizes 9 in-house, developed Dynamic Indicators (DI's). Over this past summer, we created three more, which we finally began beta testing for sensitivity this week. If all goes as planned, (and one never knows for sure), we believe the combined integration of these three DI's will further enhance our sustained prediction capabilities including our ability to automatically pivot in the event of any unexpected model drifting phenomena. It could also help with currency pairs that generally command spreads wider than 3 pips, such as the Minor FX Pairs. All in all, it's pretty cool stuff! We'll keep you informed of our progress in future newsletters.

Due to day light savings in the UK this past Sunday, our Daily Dashboard Reports will go out an hour later for this week only, (i.e. after 6:20pm EST). Next week after the US completes its day light savings 1 hour adjustment, we will be back to our normal time, (i.e. 5:20pm EST). It's an interesting anomaly that occurs twice per year.

This new email format includes links to various social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It will make it easier to share news about us with your friends. As always... if you need to reach us, please use this Contact Us link, which is also located on our web site at

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Issue Date: October 27, 2020 - Volume 4, Number 68