encouragement side3

"...and put no confidence in the flesh."

- Philippians 3:3

Often when you ask people, “How do you know you are saved”, they will say they are trying to be a good person or relate to some religious act or religious practice. Apparently, they do not realize that any effort of their own will never gain them the right to heaven or take away their sin. No one can ever earn, through their own goodness, or religious experience, what the Lord Jesus Christ paid for and what God offers free. No matter how sincere, how religious, how involved in good deeds, everyone must place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to be forgiven of their sin and escape the judgment of a holy God. Salvation is by grace alone (unearned), by faith alone (believe), in Christ alone (the only mediator between God and man). Are you not glad that you do not have to worry about your good outweighing your bad or if you have been religious enough to go to heaven? There is nothing complex about this; just give up on yourself and “believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved.” Be encouraged!

References: Philippians 3:3; Acts 16:31