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Disruptive Innovation #4

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If you're "made of money" you probably aren't interested in this.

What's New

This week's disruptive innovation has actually been around for a couple decades, but just because it's been around for a while doesn't mean it's no longer disrupting the industry to which it belongs. With continual innovation, improving their services regularly the company we're highlighting today stays at the top of the industry they created, continually growing and shaking things up. Cindy and I are thankful for this one because in the past year it has saved us hundreds - if not thousands of dollars in both our business and personal lives. Intrigued? Read on!

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The Legal Needs of Small Business

Paradigm Shift Upends The Way We Access Legal Services - Introducing LegalShield

If you've ever signed a legal contract, you know that they're filled with jargon that's frequently too complex for the layman to understand. So, rather than send the document to an attorney to review first, you "sign on the dotted line" in spite of at least one reservation that there may be a tricky clause or stipulation that's not in your best interest and tips the scales in favor of the other party. You do this because you KNOW that attorneys are EXPENSIVE! Well, that's no longer true! Now, anyone can afford a lawyer to review contracts and documents, settle disputes, send collection letters, receive legal consultation on an unlimited basis and even receive up to 75 hours of trial defense services, just for starters.
According to a survey, 90 percent of small business owners said they had a favorable experience when they sought out legal help. Small businesses that seek legal help say they get “positive results,” “issues are resolved in my favor,” and “avoided complications.” The survey further shows that small business owners spend a significant amount of time trying to deal with complex legal issues on their own. This is time they could be spending on managing and growing their business. Small business owners must wear many hats, but being the company lawyer does not have to be one of them. "When you're a small business, you can't really afford to think like a small business person when it comes to legal services". CLICK HERE to watch this video for a real-world example.
With a LegalShield Small Business Plan, small business owners have ready access to the quality legal advice and counsel they need so that they can focus on properly managing and growing their business. This is an undeniable paradigm shift from the status quo and is something every business cannot afford NOT to do!

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Our Story

It started out when we suspected that we could encounter some legal challenges selling our house in Illinois. We knew we needed to have the protection an attorney could provide but didn't know who to trust. We also knew that we couldn't afford the financial outlay that most people associate with hiring a lawyer. There are always unexpected complications and the cost usually winds up much higher than one would expect. We had heard of LegalShield initially through a family member who had been using them for years. A couple friends of ours also use the service. So we reached out to one of them and signed up. Within a month or so we had several needs for consultation with an attorney regarding our property in Illinois, and LegalShield came through with flying colors! There were several other consultations regarding the Real Estate matter with our house, and all totaled we received a couple hours of consultation at no cost other than our affordable membership. Later on we added the business plan and have utilized our attorney for revising a web design contract to create an easy to understand document (for our clients and us both) that's legally binding and protects both parties. Having LegalShield gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on and grow our business, no longer sapping our resources frittering away our time on legal matters that we don't understand and aren't qualified to navigate.


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