encouragement side

"God is faithful..."

-1 Corinthians 1:9

Last week a polar vortex rolled across Texas. Wind turbines responsible for 42% of the state’s electrical power froze and failed. Gas-fired power plants ramped up but could not keep up, and millions of Texans lost power and heat. This led to compromised water systems, which led to store shelves being emptied of milk and water. Some of the refineries were incapacitated so that in many areas, there was no gasoline. With no electricity for 36 hours and temperatures dropping to a - 2, we reduced our living space to one room, covering windows and door openings with blankets. We kept the room temperature to around 50 degrees by relying on our carbon-emitting, wood-burning fireplace, which may someday be ruled unlawful and be prohibited. At the same time, we knew many others who were worse off, losing electricity for the entire week, having to boil water, and contend with frozen and broken pipes. As expected, as soon as the lights went out, politicians, energy regulators and climate change activists begin to spin, making excuses and blame-shifting, anything but acknowledging that the failure of the wind turbines created a domino effect that left millions in days and nights of danger and misery. But even with that, we should be thankful that our God is faithful. He never spins, makes excuses, or lies. He never blame shifts because He is perfect in all His glory and His power never fails! When facing trying and unusual times, in Him, we can always be encouraged!

References: 1 Corinthians 1:9