Wednesday Wisdom # 11 October 17, 2020 In this issue: ▪ Bad News Eradicator Volume 1 – Answer Sheet▪ Bad News Eradicator Volume 2 – Worksheet▪ Ba

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Wednesday Wisdom  11 - Bad News Volume 2
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Wednesday Wisdom # 11

October 17, 2020


In this issue:

Bad News Eradicator Volume 1 – Answer Sheet
Bad News Eradicator Volume 2 – Worksheet
Bad News Eradicator – Personal Worksheet to list and decode negative phrases and thoughts
Bad News Eradicator – Toughies: send me your toughest challenges and I’ll respond

Welcome to what will become an ongoing, occasional series involving helping you become accustomed to translating negative words and phrases into positive, helpful, useful, and powerful statements and quotes. This newsletter, as mentioned above, contains the Volume 1 translations completed in an answer sheet, the new Volume 2 worksheet, a personal worksheet to translate your own negatives or those you’d like me to translate, followed by negatives you come across that you need real help in translating. Instructions for sending those to me are in the section labeled, “Bad News Eradicator – Toughies”.

WW11 page 1

Bad News Eradicator Volume 1 – Answer Sheet

WW11 Volume 1

Bad News Eradicator: Volume #2 Worksheet

Half of the negatives below have been translated. Keep in mind that there are at least four positive, alternative ways to say what the negative examples fail to say. Please feel free to send Jim Lukaszewski your translations for the remaining examples. He would love to comment and share additional versions. The blank lines are there for you to replace and begin collecting your own positive translations. Feel free to send those you are having difficulty translating to Jim Lukaszewski who will respond immediately with positive alternatives to be considered.

Email questions, observations, examples to, subject line “Bad News Eradicator Questions”.

WW11 volume 2

Bad News Eradicator – Personal Worksheet

Collect the negatives you hear or use on the left-hand side; try creating a positive alternative on the right-hand side. If you send your personal list that you have translated, I will add them to my growing list of negatives and their translations. The listing will be anonymous.

WW11 bad news toughies  1

Bad News Toughies: Really Hard Negatives to Translate?

Send me your bleak, bad, most hurtful examples.

I can help you on the spot.

Again, list the negative to be translated on the left-hand side and your attempt to translate it on the right-hand side, or just leave it to me.


To request immediate translation help: email, text, or call using the Bad News Toughies worksheet. Send to James E. Lukaszewski at or call/text 203-948-7029. Please enclose your name, your email, and contact information so that I can send the translation back or call you directly.

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