"A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit?"

-Luke 6:39

From a biblical point of view, we see all around the blind leading the blind, from politicians and bureaucrats in high places, to professors in higher education, to those who stir up protesters on the street, the city square and college campuses. All those who follow them are blinded to what lies ahead. Even in nearby Denton, Texas, some students with a communist flag were encouraging people in the town square to embrace communism. They are apparently blinded to the pit that communism leads to, which is far worse than arrest and jail. Those who remain in spiritual darkness do not realize in the pit of eternal hell, there is no bail, no dropped charges, or early release when they face the judgment of the One who sees all. The Psalmist would say, "They have eyes, but they do not see." Knowing this and seeing this, we should be humbled because we, too, were once blind; we, too, were headed to the pit of hell. Only by His undeserved grace through faith in Jesus Christ "our eyes look to the Lord our God," and what do we see? “The Lord has done great things for us” and “we are glad.” Be encouraged!

Scripture References: Luke 6:39; Psalm 123:2, 126:3, 135:16