encouragement side

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.”

-1 John 4:18

John is not writing about human love but the love of God flowing from the One whose very nature is love. The Greek word for love (agape) was not previously in common use but was brought into the Greek of the New Testament because the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ required a new word. God is love, and this love proceeds from the nature of the lover (God) and not from any merit of the one being loved. We see the word used in relation to those lost in their sin and those saved from their sin, whether it be the enemy of God, as Paul explains in Romans, or the beloved believer saved by grace. Believers are not to live in fear of God's condemnation because "perfect love casts out fear." Love and fear cannot coexist. We are to have reverence for God, but that is not the same as fear. Fifty-plus years ago, when I was convicted of my sin and my need for the Savior and by faith received Him, the love of God was shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. Since then, I have known that no one loves me like Jesus. No one loves you like Jesus! Be encouraged!

Scripture References: 1 John 4:18; Selected Scripture