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Empowerment Congress West Area Neighborhood Development Council (ECWA) Town Hall


Leimert Park Village Stakeholders Charrette

Joint Meeting: June 22, 2024 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Doors Open at 9:00 am for Breakfast and Networking



Community Build Garden: 4305 Degnan Boulevard, LA, CA 90008

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ECWA Website

Empowerment Congress West Area Neighborhood Development Council (ECWA) Business Meeting

10:00 am to 10:25 am

Visit Website for Business Meeting Agenda

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Leimert Park Village Website

Leimert Park Village: 2020, Today, 2030 & Beyond!

10:30 am to 11:30 am

20|20 Vision Initiative Recap: The Foundational Accomplishments

Leimert Park Village Today: Cultural Venues, Merchants, Events and Micro-Enterprises

20|30 & Beyond: Sharing Our Visions, Catalyzing the Opportunities, Preserving Our Legacies




11:45 AM TO 1:25 PM

PLP Logo

Preserve Leimert Park Website

Preserve Leimert Park Homeowners Committee (“PLP”)

11:45 am to 12:00 pm

The Preserve Leimert Park Homeowners’ Committee organized to educate the community and empower property owners to make an informed decision about whether they support or oppose a nomination to place Leimert Park on the National Register of Historic Places

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Metro VSF Website

Metro TEAMSUN Visionary Seed Fund Leimert Park Village Micro-Entrepreneur and Station Promotion Activation

12:05 pm to 12:25 pm

Leimert Park Village, Inc. and Metro have been awarded a contract to:

1) Develop and implement a culturally centered eco-tourism marketing and management plan designed to attract visitors to Leimert Park Village via Metro Station, 2) Develop, design and implement the Leimert Park Village Metro Plaza pop-up micro-entrepreneur kiosk management and operations plan, and 3) Work in partnership with Shared Mobility Center and Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) to research and collect data from each Visionary Seed Fund (VSF) TEAMSUN station to prepare evidence-based reports documenting the impact of eco-tourism and entrepreneurship activities on Metro ridership.

TEAMSUN: Transit Entrepreneurship Arts Mobility & Safety Uplift Network

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Take the Mobility Survey

SankofaCity Zero Emissions Shuttle and Multi-Modal Study

12:30 pm to 12:55 pm

The SankofaCity Advanced Micro-Transit Ecosystem project is a pilot initiative that socializes Advanced Driving System (ADS) technologies with pathfinder communities, in a grassroots effort to develop regional driverless micro transit networks, each with a branded identity that honors the cultural heritage of the unique neighborhoods they service.

A core component of the SankofaCity project is regional job creation via local manufacturing, skills training, and the incremental implementation of mobility services, both passenger and delivery, within the Greater Leimert Park Village Crenshaw Corridor Business Improvement District (GLPVCCBID) Advanced Micro Transit Ecosystem.

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Stocker Street Creative Website

Stocker Street Creative Retail Concepts, Creative Industry Jobs and Cultural Programming

1:00 pm to 1:25 pm

Stocker Street Creative is being developed on 5.5 acres on Stocker between San Rosalia and Don Felipe. Stocker Street Creative is a new construction state-of-the-art creative campus being developed for studio and sound stage production, creative industry office spaces and business and technology incubation. The studios will serve as a hub for creative industry job and business development within a collaborative ecosystem designed to catalyze legacy and new venture economic development.



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LA28 Olympics Website

Salon I: Collaborative Cultural Eco-Tourism Preservation, Programming, Events and Branding Strategies

Location: Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center

4305 Degnan Boulevard

Conversations will Explore Uplifting our Cultural & Economic Value, Promoting Our Cultural Venues, Events and Historic Places, Leveraging Our Brands, Collaboratively Implementing Our Marketing Strategies, Strategically Controlling the Messaging Narrative, Enhancing Our Infrastructure and Built Environment and Collaborating with Cultural and Tourism Partners for Ultimate Positioning on Regional Tourism Opportunities

FINAL Days of Dialogue Instagram flyer

Days of Dialogue Website

Salon II: A Roundtable Conversation Days of Dialogue

Location: Aziz Gallery

3343 W. 43rd Street

Days of Dialogue works with various host organizations to design and conduct facilitated dialogues on often-sensitive or contentious topics of interest to the organization or community. Dialogue planning can be initiated by host organizations or other interested parties.


Leimert Park Village 2024 Charrette Series

The June 22nd Charrette is the first in a series of Charrettes slated for 2024. The next Charrette will take place during the Leimert Park Jazz Festival on August 31st to encourage stakeholders to access Leimert Park Village and the Crenshaw District via the Metro Transit K Line to visit the merchants, micro businesses and cultural venues.

The next Charrette will be held in October 2024 to share updates on major developments, business enterprises and events in Leimert Park Village and in the Crenshaw District as part of our efforts to drive collective cultural tourism and economic development.

The final 2024 Charrette will occur in December 2024 over the seven days of Kwanzaa to celebrate our cultural economy and enjoy an annual feast!



Thank You ECWA for the $2,500 Grant Contribution!

Thank You Community Build for Hosting the Charrette in Your Garden and for the Refreshments!

Thank You Kaos Network for Hosting Our Eco Tourism Salon!

Thank You Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center for hosting the Cultural Eco Tourism Salon!

Thank You Aziz Gallery for Hosting the Days of Dialogue Salon!

Thank You Crenshaw Coffee! We Will Need Your Brew to Awaken Our Minds!

Thank You Dulan’s on Crenshaw for Creating our Specialty Turkey, Pork and Vegan Burritos with Home Potatoes!

Thank You Ora Cafe for the Delicious Vegan Wraps for Our Lunch!

Thank You Ameci Pizza & Pasta Kitchen for the New York Style Pizza for Our Lunch!

Thank You All Chill! Everyone Will Enjoy Your Ice Cream and Vegan Delectables!!

Thank You LA Commons for Sharing Your Day of the Ancestors: Festival of Mask Information Happening on June 30th!

Thank You Los Angeles Carnival for Sharing Your Carnival Information Happening on June 30th!

Thank You Leimert Park Jazz Festival for Sharing Your Festival Information Happening on August 31st!

Thank You Preserve Leimert Park for Sharing Information!

Thank You YWCA of Greater Los Angeles for Sharing Your Program Information

Thank You Neighborhood Graphics for Designing All Our Collateral Materials!

Thank You Fresh Prints for Printing Our Step and Repeat and Boards!

Thank You Africa American Real Estate Professionals Los Angeles (AAREP-LA) for the Photography, Marketing and Live Streaming Support!