encouragement side

"For our citizenship is in heaven..."

-Philippians 3:20

The world is a mess. Even here at home, discouragement and despair are easy to come by. Perhaps it is a good time to remind ourselves from the Bible that we do not belong to this world. Ray Stedman tells the story of an elderly couple returning to the states after a lifetime as missionaries overseas. They happened to be on the same ship as President Teddy Roosevelt returning from a hunting trip in Africa. At the President’s arrival in America, he was met with much fanfare, bands played and dignitaries and crowds were there to meet him. The old missionary said to his wife, “It is not fair. We have served God all these years and when we come home there is not even a single person to welcome us. We have no money and nowhere to go.” His wife told him you better go talk to the Lord about that, which he did. When done, she asked him, “Do you feel better now?” He replied, “I told the Lord how bitter I was, and it was as if he said to me; you are not home yet!” Yes, “our citizenship is in heaven." We “are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God's household.” Let us not be completely focused on a messed-up world but let us prepare to go home. And let us take a lot of others with us. Be encouraged!

References: Philippians 3:20; Ray C. Stedman, Talking to My Father; What Jesus Teaches about Prayer. Ephesians 2:19