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From Web Solutions to Business Solutions

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Studio902 Web Solutions - Now offering Disruptive Innovations

What's New?

Last week's newsletter barely touched on the biggest change in Studio902's 10-year history: the transition from being a "Web Solutions Provider" to becoming "Your Business Solutions Provider" (check out the video on our home page). In the coming weeks we'll elaborate on that concept but to lay the groundwork we'll start with this: It all started with our company subscribing to (and utilizing) some very unique products which we have found to be of exceptional value to us personally and in our business as well. Because they are truly Disruptive Innovations which have revolutionized their respective markets, these products and services give their users a competitive advantage and/or offer a level of value that's impossible to ignore. Since they have been so valuable and useful to us, we decided to offer them to our valued customers as well. Each week we will feature another of these innovative products which we know can benefit every business and every business owner.


This Week's Featured "Disruptive Innovation"

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vCard - The Business Card That is Never Out-of-Date

vCard Global - What Is It?

vCard is the World's Smartest Business Card!
It's a Mobile Business Card & Contact Manager Phone APP that's a "Networking Power Tool" for your business! vCard is doing to the Business Card industry what Netflix did to the Video Rental industry and Uber did to the Taxi Cab industry. It allows you to instantly share your business cards, never lose a contact and even tell your personal story, share your business profile and present your value proposition! You can change your vCard design any time you want, and optimize it with additional pages, videos, social media links and a link to your webpage. When you change anything, all your changes appear on everyone’s smart phone you’ve shared your vCard with. Does your traditional business card allow you to do that? Of course not! There's no way I could describe all of vCard's features and benefits here so please do yourself and your business a favor and check out my vCard then get your own vCard today!

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Customizing YOUR vCard is as easy as 1-2-3

Special Offer - Free Bonus with vCard

The first ten people who sign up for a vCard before January 31st will receive a free consultation on customizing their vCard to personalize it and add content, graphics, videos, links and other features. Here's how it works: Consultations are conducted via a screen sharing app (more details upon signing up) and must be conducted within 30 days.

Here's what you get:
* Sign up for a vCard ONE and receive a 15-minute consultation.
* Sign up for a vCard PRO and receive a 30-minute consultation.
* Sign up for a vCard ADVISOR and receive a 60-minute consultation.

NOTE: If you know anyone else who could benefit from a vCard, please forward this email using the "forward" button at the bottom of this page.


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