encouragement side

"Behold, the Lord’s hand is not so short that it cannot save; neither is His ear so dull that it cannot hear."

- Isaiah 59:1

It can really be disheartening when someone you love is not saved. This is especially true when that loved one is a spouse or a child. When we see they either have no interest in Christ, are worldly or have embraced an aberrant form of Christianity or another religion, it is easy to give up. May I remind you that according to the Scripture, God desires your loved one’s salvation and that all things are possible with Him. Therefore we must continually seek, with our prayers, the salvation of those we dearly love. Plummer writes of the early church that, “Many had been converted and saved. They prayed that others might be. This was right. Ordinarily, while there is life there is hope. Let us not give up on men…” Scripturally, we know that the heart of God is for their salvation as He gave His Son for their sins. Haldane, writes, “We should never cease to pray for, and use all proper means for the conversion of those who either oppose the gospel with violence, or form some preconceived opinion.” So never give up on your loved ones. The Lord hears your prayers, and the hand of the Lord is never so short that it cannot save. Be encouraged!

Scripture References: Isaiah 59:1; Selected Scripture