encouragement side

"Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

- John 6:68

At this time, many had turned away from the Lord, just as it will be in the final days of the church. Isn’t this quite evident today? Nearly half of Americans have left their Christian upbringing, most probably consumed by what the world has to offer. Many have determined that their own choice of religion, their goodness or their self-perceived beliefs will save them. Others spin Christianity into a politically correct view of acceptance and tolerance of any religious concept. The early church saw Jesus as God, the only hope of salvation to be followed at all costs. Why? Only Jesus saves. The disciples at this time were extremely ignorant of many of the great doctrines of the faith, but one thing they did know. Has the Lord opened your eyes to this simple yet profound truth? Then cling to it, defend it and proclaim it. Only Jesus saves! Be encouraged!

Scripture References: John 6:68