March 2018 Hello everyone, As we go to press, thousands of students and their parents across the country are demonstrating against gun viol

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March 2018

Hello everyone,

As we go to press, thousands of students and their parents across the country are demonstrating against gun violence. Sadly, the demonstrations only make good, money-making television. The place to begin eliminating guns is at home.

Children in every gun family know where the family’s guns are, legal and illegal. In almost every gun family there is someone who is fearful or frightened that guns are so nearby. Now is the time to get rid of those guns.

1). Forget the lie ins, die ins and cry ins. Come home from the marches, media stunts, media interviews and town halls. Stop making the talkers and manipulators rich or famous by doing nothing.

2). Ask yourself:
• How many guns have all these demonstrations, noisy people and their talking taken off the street? ZERO
• How many gun purchases will all these do-nothing folks prevent? ZERO
• How many guns are off the street from town hall meetings? ZERO (CNN makes tens of $millions daily)
• How many deaths, and woundings, many of children, will all this talk prevent? ZERO
• How many new shooters have been stimulated, educated and activated by all the talk and information carelessly and sensationally shared? Certainly some, maybe many.

3). Only guns that are gone can’t kill. The Centers for Disease Control (C.D.C.) published a landmark study in 1993 that disproved conclusively the myth that guns in the home made the home safer. This study proved dramatically that the opposite was true. This study so frightened the National Rifle Association (NRA), according to the New York Times Tuesday March 11, 2018, page D1, that “the NRA pushed Congress in 1995 to stop the C.D.C. . . . from doing any kind of research that advocated gun control . . . It’s now 22 years and 600,000 gunshot victims later, and we still have no current studies of gun violence as a public health issue.”

4). Go to your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, cousins, ask them to simply turn their extra guns in to the police, the ATF or the FBI. Ask your relatives and friends to ask the gun owners they know to do the same.

5). Ask the people you know if they know people who should not have guns to report those people to authorities. Report them yourself if you have to.

Do you need a Congressman or Senator to do this . . .? No

Do you need town hall meetings to do this . . .? No

Do you need a television or any other kind of reporter to do this . . .? No

Do you need social media to do this . . .? No

Do you need a state legislator to do this . . .? No

Do you need the president of the United states to do this . . .? No

Does anyone need to know you’re doing this . . .? No

You will get some, maybe many guns . . .if those who have them truly love and care about your safety. A gun that goes away today from the glove compartment, the home or business, backyard shed or workshop, basement closet or truck; out of the hands of people you know who shouldn’t have them, will not kill you or someone you care about.

Here’s more useful information.

You’re going to be hearing a great deal about a powerful word in the coming days. That word is disclosure. The PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) will be releasing it’s latest Ethics Standards Advisory titled, Disclosure. One example: Erlanger Health System 12-year study that documented a 66% drop in lawsuits using a disclosure and apology communication strategy.

Yes, please pass this newsletter on to your network. It is one of the most frequent questions I get. Go right ahead, you have my blessing, permission and vigorous approval.

In this issue:

People Are Talking: Personal Testimonials

The Trusted Strategic Advisor’s Manifesto Part 9: Random wisdom to be taken very seriously.

Disclosure & Apology: How to reduce your litigation risk dramatically, a new study.

The Lukaszewski Crisis Index: More than 40 years and 400 crisis situations helping leaders and their organizations prepare, respond to, and recover from crisis. An important reference tool for crisis planning.

Upcoming Appearances: PRSA Silver Anvil Judging – March 23, 2018, NYC,
PRSA Health Academy Conference - April 27, 2018, Washington, D.C.
…plus more

See you when the flowers bloom again,


James E. Lukaszewski
ABC, Fellow IABC; APR, Fellow PRSA; BEPS Emeritus
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From a client of 20 years:
“Your advice has changed my life Jim, and I try to be a disciple spreading the good word to anyone who wants to listen.”

From a Canadian admirer:
"You have long been my American Idol. Best advice I ever received over the course of a lengthy (30+ years) in health care communications in the Canadian context. Here’s what you said: "What would happen if we do nothing? What would happen if we do something? What would happen if we did something more? That guideline helped me choose the best course of action during the SARS epidemic, and when the waitlist for critical surgery in our universal health care system reached a breaking point. During a nurses' strike and throughout several confidentiality breaches. It pretty much works for every issue, all these years later in an environment no one could have envisioned back then. Like a classic rock song, Mr. L, you rock!

From an IABC Colleague:
“Hi, Jim. I have appreciated your work and philosophy for years. Your comments on an IABC conference call (Work To Live + five other behavior categories within organizations), the program was, ”Who Comes to Work Each Day and What They Really Want, ” permanently changed the way I looked at internal communication.”


The Trusted Strategic Advisor’s Manifesto - Part 9

10 Areas for Serious Personal and Professional Consideration and Reflection

4010911 f520

Start by changing your mindset and your entire philosophy of work.

9. Random wisdom to be taken very seriously:

a. If you’re a communicator, talk about the media will get you nowhere. Every executive and manager, even first-line supervisors, think they are great communicators.


Disclosure Works

Erlanger Health System Reports 66% Drop in Lawsuits with Policy of Disclosure & Apology


Erlanger Health System of Tennessee just published a 12 year study documenting a 66 percent drop in lawsuits along with a 51 percent drop in defense litigation costs and 53 percent drop in time to close cases over a 12 year time period. These findings are in line with recent published results for the University of Michigan and University of Illinois Health Systems as well as the VA from the 1990's.

The study is being published in the Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management.


The Lukaszewski Career Crisis Index


More Than 40 Years and 400 Crisis Situations Helping Leaders and Their Organizations Prepare For, Respond To, and Recover

James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, and his associates have been involved since 1973 in trouble-shooting a broad range of tough, touchy, sensitive visibility and reputationally defining problems.

Its primary value is in helping crisis planners think through the wide variety of all the vulnerabilities that are possible.


New Book: Retire Securely by Julie Jason

Retire Securely

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Are you curious about:

How history can help make you a better investor?
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Accessible, quick to grasp and easy-to-read, Retire Securely, is a curated collection of Ms. Jason’s acclaimed nationally syndicated column.


Mark Your Calendars - 2018 Upcoming Appearances

March 23, 2018: 2018 Silver Anvil Competition, New York, NY. Hope to see you there!

March 30, 2018: IABC Fellows Profile Interview

April, 27, 2018: PRSA 2018 Health Academy Conference, Washington D.C.: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Influencing Leaders, How To Maximize Your Access, Influence, and Impact: Washington Marriott, Georgetown

May 17, 2018: IABC Fellows 2018 Zoomcasts with Jim Lukaszewski participating: Episode 33 / Noon EST - CEOs As The New Global Community Leaders

May 22, 2018: 2018 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference, San Jose, CA: 1:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m – Influencing Leaders: Be Heard, Have influence, Access and Impact: San Jose Convention Center. Registration:

June 21, 2018: IABC Fellows 2018 Zoomcasts with Jim Lukaszewski participating: Episode 34 / Noon EST - Leadership Skill Building For Communication Professionals

September 20, 2018: IABC Fellows 2018 Zoomcasts with Jim Lukaszewski participating: Episode 37 / Noon EST - Blending And Reshaping Internal And External Communication

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