encouragement side

“If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.”

-John 7:37

Unfortunately, few have such a thirst. Many thirst after fame, position, money and pleasure. In America, the thirst for power has brought corruption on nearly all fronts, even unprecedented in times past. Few seem to have a desire for forgiveness, a clear conscience and peace with God. This thirst can only come when one is convicted by the word of God that he is an empty and needy sinner. Anyone who has such a thirst needs only to come to Christ. To come to Him means to trust Him by faith to take away your sin and receive the free gift of eternal life, which includes the removal of the guilt of sin, and peace with God. Nations need Christ. America needs Christ. Everyone needs Christ, including you and me. Amazingly, thanks to our long-suffering Lord, the invitation is still there to come to Jesus. Be encouraged!

Scripture References: John 7:37