First Amazon Review of The Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust April 13, 2020 Hello everyone, This week we passed a rea

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First Amazon Review of The Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust

April 13, 2020

Hello everyone,

This week we passed a really important milestone, the first Amazon review appeared. We will publish additional reviews from time to time, especially those that are really informative. We have also received some private evaluations from people we respect and we’ll be publishing those, too, in the coming weeks.

Special note to educators regarding obtaining review copies: a request form from the publisher appears at the end of this newsletter. They are offering an eBook, because it’s so easy and convenient to get the book to you quickly. As a reminder, Jim offers 1 or 2 hours of lecture each semester for any of his books that you are using with students in class. He can use Zoom or any of the other platforms that are convenient to your class work. If you have any questions about this, send Jim an email at and he will respond promptly.


Review by Philip Rothstein

5.0 out of 5 stars
Decency matters... and this book makes clear what's in it for you

Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2020
Format: Audible Audiobook

“At first glance, this book could easily pass for a "management 101" generic book... until you open the cover and begin reading. Steve Harrison and Jim Lukaszewski have taken a subject which we mostly take for granted - decency - and given the reader a profoundly distinct perspective which can have substantial implications for any organization, regardless of size.

I run a relatively small publishing company (disclosure: I published Jim's recent book, Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication) and have a close-knit, albeit geographically dispersed team. I've run organizations large and small over many decades, and, while I am always open to new ideas and perspectives, I was fascinated by what I found I didn't know.

Decency is inherently altruistic. It is antithetical to self-interest. And yet, in the grander scheme of things, decency can pay back in so many ways. Through numerous anecdotes and case studies, Jim and Steve reminded me, over and over, of actions I could be taking which I had forgotten, and many more I have never considered.

I especially valued the section separation ("Decency When It's Time to Say Goodbye"). Having more experience than I care to admit terminating, laying off, firing or otherwise ending employment for so many individuals over the years, I believed I was always considerate and compassionate - this chapter got me thinking about so many things I could have done better.

So - here I am with two pages of notes and reminders from reading this unusual book (after I hadn't really considered keeping notes, somehow I found it important to do so).

I highly recommend this book. I can all but guarantee you will find yourself identifying with the anecdotes and case studies, and I wouldn't be surprised if you, like me, end up with a couple of pages of notes.”

Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI, is President of Rothstein Publishing, the top content provider of crisis management, cybersecurity, business continuity and root cause analysis books, since 1985.

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Book Title: The Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust
ISBN: 978-1260455397