The Decency Manifesto. Ten Successful Ingredients Of Decency Driven Leadership How Leaders Create and Maintain Followers and Loyalty Get everyone o

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The Decency Manifesto.

Ten Successful Ingredients Of Decency Driven Leadership

How Leaders Create and Maintain Followers and Loyalty

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Get everyone on the same page to use The Decency Manifesto.

This document is a collection of actions, behaviors, attitudes, motivators, insights and action cues to install and become decency triggers.

Populate each of the ten ingredients with stories and examples from your own life, work, and practice. Add more ingredients and examples based on your own experience. Keep in mind that a list of ten items is already a major undertaking.

1. Be Ethical: act with decency and civility, they build integrity and trust. Insist on ideal behavior. Oppose, disclose, expose, and immediately sanction unethical and unconscionable behavior.

2. Be Empathetic And Humble: always let your deeds, decisions, and actions speak louder than any words can convey. Avoid pomposity and arrogance and you avoid the victimization they cause.

3. Be Outcome Focused: find positive goals and milestones to control progress, maintain a future focus; look for positive lessons in every adverse situation. Use the past only for positive lessons, if any. The only reliable attribute of the past and history is that they will repeat
themselves. Focus on the past and you may never get to the future.

4. Be Constructive: make and solicit positive useful, helpful and important suggestions every day. Avoid negative directions, instructions and forecasts. Adults and older children ignore them.

5. Be Positive: teach others to have fun and celebrate success every day. Use and insist that others use positive language, reduce, and eliminate, eradicate negative language.

6. Be Option Oriented: build solutions from options that can be solicited from those affected, discussed thoroughly, combined sensibly.

7. Act and Decide Promptly: do it now, ask it now, answer now, fix it now, change it now, start it now, stop it now.

8. Be Pragmatic: do the doable, know the knowable, change the
changeable, get the gettable, avoid the avoidable.

9. Be Prepared: to accommodate, tolerate, and learn from failure.

10. Be Relentless: seek positive incremental improvement every day in yourself and help others find theirs.

Author’s notes and instructions:
1. Find and follow those leaders, whatever level they are leading from, who exhibit these and other constructive behaviors. Finding individuals who exhibit these qualities is an important part of learning these attributes for yourself.
2. These attitudes and behaviors are a lot more challenging than their
3. This compilation is an empirical exercise extracted from my 40+ year
career’s work with the leaders or senior managers of 400 companies,
organizations and associations. Some from every US state, a half dozen
Canadian provinces, several central and South American countries. Britain, and Switzerland. Over the years my international Webinars have been attended by executives from more than 60 countries.


What America Needs Now More Than Ever

The Decency Code provides a fully developed and actionable model for building a decency workplace culture.  1

In The Decency Code, you will find a fully developed, actionable model for building a decency driven workplace culture. The many lessons of this book inspire a sense of purpose and empower human beings to do their best in any business climate and inoculate their organizations from ethical failure.

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In the words of Steve Harrison, (1930-2021) coauthor of The Decency Code, McGraw Hill, April 2021:

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