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Well 2020 is finally toast. Thank God! Either way, I am excited for a new year full of hope and promise. Are you ready for new challenges? How did you fair with the 2020 challenges? There were many. Pandemic, death by COVID-19, massive job loss, Black men murdered by police officers, civil unrest, protests and more protests, riots, the 2020 election saga, which is not over yet. We did get vaccines. Other challenges included how to do business during a pandemic. Some of you survived on profitable sidelines. Whatever your story if you are reading this, you made it. What lessons did you learn? What did you learn about yourself? What are you going to do now? What are your goals to pivot and remain relevant in the beauty industry going forward? Be part of a virtual panel discussion. Send a message stating your interest by replying to this email. Add the word "Panel" to the subject. First 14 will be on the panel, others will be the audience.__

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Veronica Leigh

Meet Veronica Leigh

She is a licensed cosmetologist and has worked in the field for approximately 6 years as an independent contractor and commissioned stylist. I got back into painting as a hobby to pass the time as we underwent the stay-at-home orders, here in Ohio," said Leigh.

Having a daughter who was strictly vegetarian at the time and COVID-19 and the quarantine setting in, Veronica started looking around at the foods they were eating, the products they were using. She started looking at the ingredients wondering what some of them were.

Once the salons re- opened, she was laid off. With that shocking news, Veronica decided to turn her "hobbies" into a small business. She was able to turn Lemons into Lemonade. "A new course for my life! Hobbies turned into passions," stated Veronica excitedly. We're very proud of Veronica.

Learn more at www.LoveLeighKo.com

Follow her on Instagram @loveleighko for handmade body butter, body scrubs and whipped body butter.

Follow her abstract art page @loveleighko_art
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