June 2018 Hello everyone, Like this newsletter, the daffodils are arising late this year. Sorry. As someone who’s been dealing with victim

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June 2018

Hello everyone,

Like this newsletter, the daffodils are arising late this year. Sorry.

As someone who’s been dealing with victims and perpetrators for decades, I still remain puzzled that apology, the most powerful tool we have at our disposal in dealing with victims, remains controversial and avoided. Speaking plainly, most of the world is still run by guys and guys hate apologizing. Leaders get dinged by other leaders for doing it.


A mythology exists claiming that to apologize is to be weak, even cowardly. It seems as if there is an apology dashboard up in the sky somewhere keeping track of apologetic people and organizations. Most failed crises responses are those attempted without empathy and without apology. When a sincere apology is offered, bad things start to stop happening. That’s why an apology is the atomic energy of empathy.

Other topics in the newsletter:

2). Bad News Eradicator #4 – (#1 October 2017, #2 November 2017, #3 December 2017) Continuing the transformation of your life. How to avoid noncommunication, debates, arguments, anger and contention in your speaking, writing and your life through eradicating negative language, phrases and statements.

3). People Are Talking

4). Case Study – The Accidental Spokesperson

5). Upcoming Appearances

The July Newsletter - In July we’ll be talking about the two greatest deterrents to effective crisis response and management’s self-inflicted response failure behaviors (CRFB’s). See you after the fireworks are over.


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Apology is the Atomic Energy of Empathy


Apology is the toughest, often most dreaded, stressful and easily messed up act of human kindness. We see too many fake rather than sincere apologies.

Apology is Tough

That’s because we have become conditioned to doubt and question first. And that doubt comes in the form of canned questions:


Bad News Eradicator - # 4


Continue changing your life everyday by eradicating your use of negative language, phrases and statements. Eliminate debate, argument, anger, and contention from your life and the lives of others.

Here’s why eradicating bad news matters:

Copy of Lukas News

From a long-time follower and disciple.

“Wow, a lifetime's wisdom distilled in a few easily readable pages - (View Trusted Strategic Advisor’s Manifesto) powered by actively tensed, assertive, positive language. Jim is a wonder. He doesn't back down. He teaches as he preaches. He gives more than he gets. Would that we had 100 consultants/trainers like him who everyone listened to day in and days out. What a sea change we would see in management behavior and public relations results. Bravo.”


At a great conference IEEE WIE 2018 Annual Meeting.

“Enjoyed meeting Monika from Sacramento along with more than 200 of her sister engineers at
IEEE Women In Engineering Annual Meeting in San Jose CA on May 22 talking about being heard. Having more impact, influence and access. Monica is a chip designer at Intel.”


Case Study: The Accidental Spokesperson

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The Company
LightChem North is branch plant of a large chemical company, located in Upstate New York: This company’s 350-employee workforce is engaged in recycling and recovering used metal parts from various industries. They chemically degrease, electrolytically remove plating substances as well as recover them, and selectively rehabilitate certain metal parts for reuse in mechanical devices.


Mark Your Calendars - 2018 Upcoming Appearances


June 21, 2018: IABC Fellows 2018 Zoomcasts with Jim Lukaszewski participating: Episode 34 / Noon EST - Leadership Skill Building For Communication Professionals

September 20, 2018: IABC Fellows 2018 Zoomcasts with Jim Lukaszewski participating: Episode 37 / Noon EST - Blending And Reshaping Internal And External Communication

November 11-13, 2018 – IABC Heritage Region Conference: Keynote Speaker. Richmond, VA.

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