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What is Your Branding Strategy for 2020?

As a business owner what is your strategic plan for marketing your organization in 2020?

We, like many businesses, will be offering #BlackFriday, #SmallBusinessSaturday and #CyberMonday special pricing on tools to help grow your organization. But how will those tools fit into your overall plan? Lets talk about that for a moment.

Crafting a Marketing Plan

Who is your ideal client or market that you serve? What is that client persona and the problem you will solve for them?

Knowing the answers to those fundamental questions and others, we can begin to formulate a tailored strategy to bring your ideal clients to your business and consistency to your brand.

The strategy may include a 12 month roll-out, company video, social media campaigns, a new website, logo or slogan for your #brand. Whatever the individual parts are they will be part of an overall branding program to bring consistency to your messaging and brand so you and your team walks and talks the same #brandlanguage. "Your brand is like a song performed by an orchestra of many instruments playing in harmony. The instruments are the many tools you use to promote your and build your brand."

Altogether Marketing LLC has been providing marketing solutions since 2007. We're here to help grow your established brand. Contact us so we can plan now to explode your growth for 2020.




▪ Branding Strategies for 2020
▪ Customer of the Month
▪ Customer Appreciation Ideas
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Branding Strategies for 2020
Customer of the Month
Customer Appreciation Ideas
Ask Audrey - Your Marketing Questions
Marketing Tool Box

Customer of the Month

Harrell Insurance Group

At the Harrell Insurance Group, you are the reason they exist. To that end, they strive to provide the most tailored insurance package to best fit your needs, as well as the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the service of those needs.

They are an independent brokerage offering insurance products from major carriers including:

▪ Home Insurance
▪ Auto Insurance
▪ Life Insurance
▪ Commercial
▪ Medicare Products
▪ Long Term Care
▪ Annuities
Home Insurance
Auto Insurance
Life Insurance
Medicare Products
Long Term Care

Learn more about how Harrell Insurance Group can help you Ask Janet.


Customer Appreciation

As we enter into the final quarter of 2019 there are customer appreciation events, awards programs, annual meetings and more. You may also be thinking of ways to say thank you to those who contribute to your success - you employees and strategic partners. Does this mirror your plans? Contact us for ideas for custom branded items including, calendars, blue tooth speakers, technology gift sets, writing instruments, health related, company swag and more all at affordable prices. View our digital catalog and contact us for a quote or other ideas.


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Ask Audrey, Your Marketing Expert

Have a burning question? Paralyzed on pricing a product or naming a program? Or just need some quick advice without paying a huge consulting fee? Ask Audrey. For only $5/minute (minimum 5 minutes per session) you can glean from her 30+ years experience. Ask Audrey. Reserve your session now. Meet online or by phone. Reserve Here. Ask Audrey!

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Audrey and the Team at Altogether Marketing LLC


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